Felicia Thomas L.M.F.T.

Felicia Thomas provides individual and family counseling for adults, children, and couples while simultaneously supervising and training state interns who are working to become licensed therapists.

Ms. Thomas is a vital member of any community she is a part of. She is currently licensed in the state of Nevada as well as in the state of Georgia and services both communities with passion. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to her clients and to ensuring current and new mental health professionals are properly trained to do the same. Ms. Thomas is well known for her training and workshops focused on parenting, life skills, financial responsibility, and senior companion care resources. She previously worked with S.A.F.E House, a domestic violence shelter, to provide support and mental health counseling in the community to trauma survivors and their families. Additionally, to ensure low-income individuals and families have access to counseling services she has established a non-profit organization, SOZO Family Services Inc., with a mission to provide everyone equal access to mental health and emotional wellness services, regardless of income, location, or social status. She also is the owner of a private therapy service providing emotional wellness for individuals and families. Ms. Thomas works tirelessly to improve her community through education and empowerment and truly is a powerful voice in the field of mental health.

“My Professional philosophy is to preserve individual independence, promote mental and physical wellbeing, and to protect the rights and dignity of individuals and families within my community” ~
Felicia Thomas, MA, LMFT