Let us Begin

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

To begin a journey you must first know where you are going. It’s important to understand your destination. But let’s be clear the destination is determined by the person taking the trip. That person is you and you must be clear about who you are if you’re going to determine where you are going.  Step one is learning and understanding who you are in order for you to determine where you are going.

In my many years of working with people I have come across very few people who can answer this question accurately “who am I?” The process of getting to the answer can be quite a task. When answering this question you must eliminate the following: what you do, the roles that you play in your life and any characteristics that have to do with other people or the service to other people. The answer must completely encompass your characteristics, personality, goals, and values.

When you become clear about who you are and will also become clear about where you are going.

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