What defines Family?

Family can be defined in many ways. A group of individuals you are biologically related to, a group for which you have been adopted into or fostered by, or a group or unit of people related by commonality. The definition of family is as individualized as there are humans. We as individuals have the unique opportunity to Define what and who we refer to as our family. For the purposes of this discussion, we will look at family both biological and environmental as well as family members by choice and relationship.

It is important for healthy emotional development as a child as well as emotional and psychological development as an adult that we understand and have great clarity as to who occupies the space of the family. With the word family, it carries with it a great deal of weight as far as influence and credibility in an individual’s life. Within our family, we learn many things most of which are written Upon Our psyche as well as unfold within our behavior and connections. Within the family unit speaking biologically as well as relationally from the beginning of your life until they are your school where you learn how to show up in the world.

People in the family are usually referred to as people we loved therefore have great influence and how we think and behave. It is important to understand the pluses and minuses of your family relationships and what they have taught you about life and living.

Inside of your family relationships you learn how to love, how to parent, how to communicate, what career decisions to make and so on. Even if your decisions are to do the opposite of what was modeled for you and you’re early development or if your decisions look exactly or to some degree very similar to the decisions that the parental figures have made and are living. A great majority of the time spent in the Journey of emotional Wellness is spent learning or unlearning some lessons or behaviors that were modeled for us by parental figures and other adults in our lives. It is important to know that how you think and how you show up in the world can always be traced back to how you were trained or how behaviors were Model by the influential members of your family.

What is awesome about being on the journey to emotional Wellness is that you learn through awareness and improved Insight what needs to be reversed or what needs to be improved upon to make your life better and your emotional responses balanced and appropriate.
By examining your understanding of family you gain personal insight and more tools to help on your journey to learning Who You Are and becoming all that you can as a emotionally healthy individual.

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