Mental Health Matters!!!

Hi everyone!
BIG announcement about my private practice. I recently joined a group called Headway that allows me to accept certain INSURANCE plans without the billing and admin work. I am proud to support Headway’s mission to make mental healthcare more accessible and affordable to all patients.
I can accept (Insert Insurance Companies you are “live” with under the insurance tab in your account).
For patients seeking in-network therapy: If YOU or anyone else in your network are looking for an affordable provider, please book on my calendar here (insert a link to your Headway booking page). We just ask that you have your insurance Member ID and payment method handy – Headway will share the copay and progress on your deductible with you!
For therapists: If you like what you see here – I’m happy to share more about this program. Check out my unique link here (Include your unique link from the refer a provider from here) and one of their practice consultants will give you the white glove treatment. (Especially if you let them know I sent you!)


Again – I couldn’t be more excited to help serve a greater percentage of our population’s mental health needs.


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