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What to Expect In Your Teletherapy Session

Felicia Thomas LLC Counseling
wants to offer a list of benefits to starting or continuing teletherapy via Zoom call sessions!

Teletherapy is simply a video call, in which you meet with your therapist and have your therapy session. Teletherapy uses HIPAA compliant software in order to keep your information private. You can
relax with a cup of coffee and speak in real time with your therapist from the comfort of your own home!

Benefits of Teletherapy

Protecting the client and the therapist is of the utmost
importance to Felicia Thomas LLC Counseling. By implementing
teletherapy, we are able to keep the client and therapist safe
while also allowing for the continuation of therapy from the safety
of your home.

Easy to access:
You simply dial in from wherever you are, and
you are connected in moments.

Teletherapy services are HIPAA compliant to insure the
privacy of our clients.

No more commute, you can find a quite spot
anywhere in your home and simply dial into the video call.

Illness or disability:
If you are sick, injured, or have a disability
that makes it difficult for you to leave your home you can still
reach your therapist.

Access for rural or remote populations:
Teletherapy gives immediate access to those who live in rural areas who otherwise
would not be able to see a therapist.


We naturally create a comforting space in our homes,
and with teletherapy, you are able to stay home and take the call
in your comfortable setting.

Who can use Teletherapy?

The same therapy services provided in-person can be provided
via teletherapy – individual sessions, couples counseling, therapy
for families, etc. Many people who are unsure about teletherapy wonder if it is the
“same” as in-person therapy. You are still interacting with your
therapist face to face. And researchers agree. Studies have found that
teletherapy is as effective as in-person therapy.

So, what do I need to begin? All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or
computer with a camera and internet access.

Below are a list of Services that are currently available for booking Licensed Therapy sessions…

Individual Therapy Session click here Prices start at $120/hr.:  https://felicia-thomas-llc.clientsecure.me/

**Felicia Thomas LLC and SOZO Family Services** does offer services based on a sliding scale to the community. If you are currently experiencing financial hardships fill out the sliding scale application. All sliding scale applications will be reviewed and responded to via email for further information. If Interested in the Sliding scale application click here: https://felicia-thomas-llc.clientsecure.me/